About Us

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We closely align ourselves with our clients – and their legal and financial advisors – to ensure deadlines and regulatory requirements are met. Here is what you can expect from us:

A solid commitment to client service.This commitment is embedded in our culture. We have built an experienced team that understands your needs, and works with purpose and a sense of urgency.

Operational excellence. We consistently deliver exceptional client service. Our team has developed systems and internal processes that exceed industry standards so that we can execute your requirements quickly and accurately.

A trusted partner.Our clients view us as their partner. We are committed to their success and building long-term relationships.

It is important that the partners you choose embrace values that will make it easier for you to do business. At BN Solutions, we value:

  • Client service. Our team is organized around your needs. We deliver quick response times, and offer dedicated relationship managers and convenient online tools. We employ innovative solutions that are customized to your business and regulatory requirements.

  • Experience and skill. We have an experienced team that understands your needs and is able to work alongside you to accomplish what needs to be done. We are able to quickly assess complex situations and to mitigate potential risk.

  • Operational efficiency. We have robust internal processes and systems that enable our team to work efficiently.

  • Commitment to partnership.We understand the value of a strong partnership and are committed to your success. Our goal is to connect with you and grow with you, long term.
Why Choose BN Solutions

  • Independence: We are not affiliated with any lending institution, law firm or investment advisory firm, minimizing the likelihood of conflict of interest.

  • Flexibility: We are free of the layers of bureaucracy that tie the hands of many larger institutions. We will consider every transaction.

  • Responsiveness: When you contact a member of the team, you can expect a quick reply. Our clients know they can count on us when time is of the essence.

  • Expertise: We have provided customized solutions for more than two decades. Our staff of seasoned attorneys, certified public accountants, corporate trust administrators and finance professionals is ready to serve you.

  • Stability: As a privately held company, our view of risk does not fluctuate with market conditions. Our focus is on the long term, not quarter to quarter. We are backed by one of the largest service companies in the industry.

  • Capability: We are one of the premier independent provider of solutions for the structured finance, corporate restructuring, real estate, domestic and international tax, private placements and M&A markets. Our service offerings span trust and agency, special purpose vehicle management, and independent director services.