Escrow Services

BN Solutions (“BN Solutions Services”) provides complete and independent escrow agent services for a variety of commercial transactions. Few organizations can match BN Solutions combination of experience, dedicated resources, flexibility and independence, making us the first choice of leading law firms, investment banks and other arrangers of commercial transactions.

We remain a trustworthy and independent agent, offering third-party escrow services and solutions to both public and private companies, including Special Purpose Acquisition Corporations (SPACs). As an escrow agent, we hold cash, securities, documents and other assets in line with your contractual obligations. We have the expertise to administer all types of escrow arrangements, regardless of complexity, and ensure that these arrangements are seamlessly coordinated with the other services you require.

Our escrow services are typically required for the purposes of indemnification, performance or tax withholding in the context of mergers and acquisitions. They include, but are not limited to:

Benefits of our escrow services
Escrow agent services provide investors and companies with a trusted neutral third party for a variety of different transactions in order to protect assets.

BN Solutions offers clients a generous selection of trust, safekeeping and agency services, including bond trustee, registrar, paying agent, custodian and escrow agent services. BN Solutions is a truly independent provider and is not affiliated with any bank or investment firm.

Whether in connection with a new transaction or as a replacement for an existing service provider, BN Solutions stands ready to exceed your expectations in a variety of situations.

BN Solutions broad experience as an escrow company

BN Solutions offers clients corporate escrow agent services for a wide array of commercial structures and situations, each utilizing a distinct and customized approach to account management, technology and service:

Depositary & Exchange Agent Services
Serving public and private companies, our team focuses on the details, providing prompt, accurate and personalized service.

We provide depositary and exchange agent services on domestic and cross-border transactions for both public and private companies. Our core depositary services include acting as agent for an offer or plan of arrangement involving cash, securities or a combination as consideration. We will assist in coordinating the distribution of offer or meeting material, the processing of tenders, reporting, calculation and disbursement of consideration, and tax reporting.

How will you benefit?
Our industry expertise means we understand the structure of your transaction as well as the funds flow requirements.

Voting & Exchange Trustee Services
We act as trustee under voting and exchange trust agreements, administering the rights of beneficial holders in accordance with agreement terms.

Debt Trusteeship Services
We act as an indenture trustee for all types of debt instruments. As debt trustee we act as registrar, distribute interest and redemption payments and prepare tax reporting. Our in-house document review helps reduce your expenses and saves you time.

Specialized Agency Services
In addition to customized corporate trust and escrow agent services, BN Solutions provides a wide array of specialized agency services, including:

Collateral agent: When a secured lending transaction has multiple creditors, BN Solutions representatives can serve as the secured party on UCC financing statements and take action as directed in the event that a borrower defaults.

Disbursing and paying agent: BN Solutions can serve as a third-party agent to disburse funds to shareholders in connection with the sale of a closely held private company or to creditors pursuant to a company liquidation.

Dodd-Frank custody services: The "SEC Custody Rule" requires registered advisors to ensure that all securities and other investments held on behalf of their fund investors are held by a "qualified custodian," a role that BN Solutions fulfills. In addition, we provide account statements and assist with independent third party audits as required under the rule.

General custody services:BN Solutions can serve as a third-party custodian for a variety of other reasons in addition to those mentioned above providing greater transparency and comfort to investors and protecting securities and other assets from damage or loss.