Corporate Trust Services Since 1999, BN Solutions Company has been dedicated to servicing the capital markets and meeting our clients’ specialized fiduciary needs, including corporate trust and agency services.

BN Solutions offers clients a range of trust, safekeeping and agency services, including bond trustee, registrar, paying agent, custodian and escrow agent services. As a wholly owned subsidiary of one of the world’s largest service providers, BN Solutions is a truly independent corporate trust administrator and is not affiliated with any bank or investment firm.

Whether in connection with a new transaction or as a replacement for an existing service provider, BN Solutions stands ready to exceed your expectations with its corporate trust and agency services.

Critical and timely corporate trust services ensure your corporate transactions are completed successfully. Our team of industry specialists will work alongside you, providing effective support throughout the duration of your transaction.

Depositary & Exchange Agent Services

A comprehensive range of securities transfer and registrar services are supported by an experienced professional team and dedicated transfer facilities across the country. Our approach is customized to your specific requirements and offers you innovative solutions and reliable delivery beyond all standard functions.

As an agent, we maintain securityholder lists, control the stated capital and effect transfers. We liaise with CDS Clearing and Depository Services Inc. (CDS), the broker community and investors to fulfill their requirements. Treasury directions are treated with the urgency demanded for regular issuances, stock option exercises or to complete a transaction at a closing. We administer mandated escrow functions and process releases as dictated by the agreement. We act as an agent and provide registry services for Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) shares, warrants and rights offerings.

How does our service benefit clients?
By helping you achieve greater efficiency. Our value extends beyond simply providing record keeping. Our client website provides detailed, customizable reports and advanced search and filtering capabilities. We also ensure that onboarding is smooth and efficient.

Investor Services

We provide a direct information line for investors or their representatives; respond to written inquiries; replace lost certificates; assist with legal transfers of securities; and receive and update investor addresses, and tax identification numbers.

Online access to your account allows you to:

Disbursement Services

We help navigate the most complex transactions, policies and regulations that companies face. Any innovative solutions we develop will adhere to two important principles: accuracy and timeliness.

We act as the disbursement agent for dividends and other entitlement payments, in either cash (different currencies per requirements) or securities.

We offer: